About Us

In 1986, Mugs Across America, Inc. was created by Mark Ragen in Kalamazoo, Michigan. For the next 3 decades his business blossomed across the nation into the successful empire it is today, with an ever-increasing sales force, a highly skilled art department, and three family offices spread throughout the southern and midwestern United States.man

A message to business owners from the president:

"I'm dedicated to helping your small business grow by providing valuable, unique, and highly effective advertising at the lowest possible price. I grew my own small business from the ground up and am familiar with common obstacles to business exposure. Let me help increase your sales and turn your business into a success through restaurant mug advertising."

All of our restaurant drinkware is vitrified commercial grade—the highest quality available on the market—and we proudly stand by each mug with confidence, as customer satisfaction is our number one priority.mugs across america

Mugs Across America is a name you can trust! We are #1 in the industry of restaurant mug advertising all over the nation! No other company offering similar services can compete with our 30 years of experience and expertise.

Over time, the company has grown from one dedicated "mug man" into a fun and highly driven team that works together every day to spread millions of MUGS ACROSS AMERICA.

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