Absolutely 100% FREE Mugs for Restaurants!

Mugs Across America, Inc. was the first company in existance to give absolutely 100% FREE mugs to restaurants. We offer beer mugs, coffee mugs, pint glasses, and tumblers all at no charge!mug advertisingfree restaurant mugs

RESTAURANT OWNERS - Stop spending thousands on cups and glassware. Call today to sign up for our Free Mug Program. Keep your restaurant patrons happy and entertained by providing them with a unique conversation piece. Customers LOVE reading our mugs while waiting for their meal to be served.

Every year we provide your restaurant with a one year supply of your choice of durable drinkware with tons of styles and colors to choose from.

The only commitment you have to us is to use the free mugs we provide!

As a restaurant owner, you get to choose:

Mug Type

Coffee Mug, Beer Mug, Pint Glass, or Tumbler

We have four different types of mugs to choose from depending on what type of restaurant you have. For example, a biker bar, alehouse, or tavern, might choose beer mugs or pint glasses. However, a small breakfast diner or café would probably choose coffee cups. Whether you have a breakfast diner, biker bar, café, bistro, buffet, tavern, alehouse, saloon, roadhouse, or pub, we've got the right mug for you! It's your choice, so you get to pick whichever mug you like best!



Mug Color & Ink Color

Regardless of the type of mug that you choose, you get to pick the colors. Reveal your true biker side with jet black, or if your restaurant supports healthy eating you may choose to "go green." Whatever colors you want on your mugs, we've got them!

mugs across americamugs across america

Restaurant Name & Year

Personalize Your Mugs

On every mug in your restaurant there is a reserved space for your own personalized restaurant name and year of which the mugs are being used. You may pick the font of your restaurant name, the city you are located in, specific food items, or your restaurant logo to be displayed in your reserved space. It's all up to you, have fun with it!

mugs across america

Because there are only 6 to 8 advertising spaces available, our policy is to always give your best customers the first opportunity to advertise on your restaurant mugs. Our sales representative will meet with you for recommendations of local business owners who you would like us to contact first, before we ask other businesses around town to advertise on your mugs.

The only commitment that you, the restaurant owner, has to Mugs Across America, Inc. is to simply use the free mugs provided by our company. That's it, no strings attached!

For more information, or to have one of our sales representatives provide you with samples of our mugs, please contact us today. You can call our office anytime at 1-800-949-2877.


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