Restaurant Mug Advertising

Mugs Across America has been specializing in restaurant mug advertising for over 30 years. Local businesses all over the country benefit from this affordable and effective service every day. Their restaurant mug ads are working for them day in and day out, catching the eyes of potential customers every time a table is seated in a local restaurant using our mugs!

Think about all of the different places you see and hear advertising everyday. Why is restaurant
mug advertising a better choice than any other type of advertising media?

  • You can't turn the page on them like magazine/newspaper ads.
  • You can't put a pop-up blocker on them like internet ads.
  • You can't change the channel on them like TV/radio commericials.
  • You can't turn them over and doodle on them like placemat ads.
  • You can't drive by them at 75 MPH on your cell phone like billboard ads.

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