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Call us toll free at 1-800-949-CUPS to get started. Let us know that you are interested in advertising your business on the restaurant mugs in a busy local restaurant near you.


After you've purchased ad space in a restaurant near you, our graphic designers work diligently with you to design your ad exactly how you want it, completely free of charge.


Mugs Ads In Action

Mugs are used in each restaurant for one full year from date of delivery, working for your business day in and day out, being viewed by thousands of restaurant patrons and potential customers.


After one year is up, the mugs are redistributed evenly among all advertisers that placed an ad for that year. They make a great collection for your home or business! Donating the mugs is also an option. Limited space is available, and as a courtesy we give advertisers from the previous year *priority option* at renewing their spot on the mugs for the upcoming year.

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Did you know: We design your mug ad for FREE? You may also design your own.