Why should you advertise on a RESTAURANT MUG?

Your ad is in a UNIQUE LOCATION

On the mugs that you potential customer is drinking out of. Your ad can't help but be noticed when it is located only 3 inches from customer's eyes. They aren't used to seeing ads on their coffee mug, beer mug, pint glass, or tumbler, so it immediately catches their eye, their interest, and their curiosity. They wonder what is printed on their cup- they actually want to read your ad!


Your potential customer is there to eat. They aren't preoccupied with work or their busy life. They are stuck sitting at a booth or table with nothing to do until their food arrives. When they pick up their mug with your ad on it, they can't help but read it! If for no other reason, out of boredom, or a need to be doing something. Think about it this way, restaurant mug ads are much more interesting to read than the ingredients of a Sweet 'N Low packet.


Working for you day in and day out, your ad is seen on 6,000 - 12,000 cups per week. That's over 300 views per day. In one year your ad will have been seen over 100,000 times! How's that for getting your business name out there?

Your ad is entirely EXCLUSIVE to your individual businessjobs

Each ad space on each set of restaurant mugs is reserved for a different type of business so that there is no competition. For example, there can only be one real estate agent, one car dealer, one hair salon, one plumber, one insurance company, and one lawn service ad per set of mugs.

You can AFFORD it

Most advertising these days is just too expensive to afford. That's why our goal is to make advertising affordable for everyone. Every business is a business, from large companies to small town services. Even John the handyman needs to be able to advertise his business.

We make sure that restaurant mug advertising is affordable for everyone. We work with you to make it possible, offering the absolute lowest prices available anywhere. Still need a little financial help? Not to worry, multi-payment options are available. You can't get more people to actually read your ad for less money anywhere else!

You've got our GUARANTEE

Because your ad is fired on every restaurant mug at 1600° degrees using our patented screen print vitrification process, your ad is guaranteed not to wash off. After a years time, your ad will look just as good as the day the mugs were delivered.


What other company gives you back your purchase? That's right, you actually get to keep some of the mugs printed with your custom ad on them! At years end, we redistribute the mugs to all of the advertisers who were on them that year. They make a great collection over time to display in your home, office, or business.

free restaurant mugsWe offer FREE ARTWORK services

Don't have time to design a professional looking ad? That's what we figured. Leave your ad design up to us, we have professional graphic designers who will create your ad for free.

(Already have your own design? Send it to us and we'll use it)


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